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Getting a faster WordPress website has been my goal for many years there are a few ways to make your WordPress faster one is headless WordPress which is basically converting your WordPress website into a static website do you use WordPress content management system where the CMS part in the back end to handle all of the post page custom post custom Pages taxonomy and everything you’ve grown used to in WordPress and then you have a plug-in or a hosting solution that allows it to publish all those pages out to static HTML this means you don’t have to go back and forth between the database presenting a database solution using PHP my SQL which has slowed down over the years or has gotten slower because other applications are faster and that’s why I noticed this


 Google expects your website to be fast so if it’s not fast you’re not going to rank well. so as an SEOmaster I must have a very fast  website and I have turn to headless WordPress and VUE front application


Ever since the rest API was bundled into WordPress core developers can experiment and use it in a decoupled way I riding in the front end part by using Java Script Frameworks or libraries we are all using WordPress in a classic way PHP for front end as well as backend.

Why you might want to use headless WordPress now that we’ve covered the Headless WordPress in a general sense that suck about the advantage of using it one of the primary reasons to opt for this over more traditional WordPress installation is simply multi-channel content publishing that’s the process of publishing content in more than one platform at the same time this can include your business calendar social media platforms


 by removing the front end headless WordPress can be easily integrated into many different Stacks stack is essentially the infrastructure of an app or digital product multi-channel publishing can be a huge time-saver if your business has many channels to maintain instead of reforming content for each platform separately you only need to publish once


 another advantage of headless WordPress is that it can improve your website speed performance is important for search engine optimization as well as for the user experience about 40% of the people will abandon  a website that takes long to load headless WordPress speeds up the site and helps you avoid the problems since it simplifies the process


When headless WordPress isn’t the solution well it’s not for everyone it’s not a one-size-fits-all there’s some cases where headless WordPress may not be appropriate for example if you’re such a pens on daily maintenance performed by users unfamiliar with coding Basics and may prefer to stick to the visual interface since headless WordPress rooster front end it is necessary to have someone on your team who’s phone and JavaScript to maintain it


 additionally smaller businesses without on wielding publishing volume is Macy less results for implementing headless CMS

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