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Scott Wiseman

Scott Wiseman
Marketing specialist

Scott Wiseman started his first venture at Enterprise Security Systems that was founded in June of 1989. He built the company from the ground up, and learned a lot in the process. The new business involved cold calling, sales and installation of residential security systems, and customer interactions. The ever growing business taught him to work hard and be diligent. It resulted in multiple sales opportunities and great feedback. To expand his business endeavor, Scott acquired the help of developers, which resulted in a multimillion dollar contract, with 187 track homes.
As the Enterprise Security Systems was expanding, Scott was able to build another division named Enterprise Security Patrol. Eventually the company was sold to another proprietor for over 4 million dollars.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan

After Enterprise Security, Scott tried his hand on a new technology at the time called Audiotext or PayPerCall
Entertainment numbers. One of his first clients was a pro wrestler name Hulk Hogan, who made over 500 k a month, using this new technology. To improve his current knowledge and skills, Scott decided to advance his education by completing his degree in computer science. He successfully honed his skills in Dialogic boards, which controlled the phone calls, Get Digits, Play a message and much more.
In the early 2000, Scott Wiseman has decided to join the IT forces, and creating a brand new company Intercore Technologies LLC, that become one of the first computer networking companies in Los Angeles.Intercore Technologies LLC maintained networks for the following, LA based companies: Bob Hope Airport in Burbank; Bisou Bisou in Downtown Los Angeles (clothing line manufacture sold at J. C. Penney); and The Johnnie Cochran law firm in Santa Monica.

Intercore TechnologiesIntercore TechnologiesOver the years, Interrcore Technologies LLC was able to build one of the largest network of clients and services in the Los Angeles County. Scott Wiseman played an integral part in acquiring clients, providing the highest level of services, developing the highest ranking in Google’s Search engine results SERP.
In 2005, when the IT business started to decline, Scott Wiseman started to pursue his true passion in Search Engine Marketing. He formed the company named Optawise LLC, A Search Engine Marketing Company based in Los Angeles.
Optawise LLC provided Search Engine Services for Local Los Angeles based clients and nationwide.
The services included: search engine optimization, Google placement, e-mail marketing campaigns, PPC, driving qualified traffic, leads and sales.

SEO TechniquesOptawise Search Engine Marketing
Spun Article that was able to make 50 copies of itself, be able to be read well and passed online copyscrape tools. This would give Optawise clients a competitive advantage over other SEO company’s clients.Optawise watermarked all images, as a result provided additional image based search.
Optawise created a network of private blogs on 1000’s of class C IP sub networks, and hosted blogs with 1 to 5 pages of contents.

CMSCommander to remotely publish and post content to these private blog pages and posts. Optawise also created clickcentave which was a client server application with the plugin being the client part of the software installing directly onto the WordPress blog and the Server part being a Software as a Service or SAAS application

Clickcentive allowed the Optawise team to schedule keyword phrase links on 100,000 of pages on the Optawise private network and send “Link Juice” to Optawise Money sites or main sites.
 allowed the Optawise team to focus on keywords that generated phone calls. Scott Wiseman built a platform on PHP, MYSQL and Asterisks to capture phone calls generated by organic or paid search keywords and keyword phrases.

Local Search Engine Marketing. Scoring Optawise clients #1 on Google maps using a Name Address Phone or NAP protocol. NAP simply defined as posting the Company Name, the address, and the phone on other websites, particular Local directories to score high ranks in Google Map Results. Optawise dominated Drug Rehab Space for over 4 years giving their client, American Addictions Centers the competitive edge to grow their business into multi million dollar giant.

After a successful four year run, Optawise LLC was acquired by Taurad, LLC and then later merged with Commerce Yard Inc. Commerce Yard Inc closely follows the GSI Commerce model that integrates all aspects of digital marketing; Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CRM, Ecommerce, Programming, Logistics and Warehousing, Customer Service in to one operation management.