Google Tag Manager for Community Cloud

By integrating Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Commerceyards CRM, you can enable your marketing team to manage the deployment of marketing tags and tracking pixels, without relying on a developer to modify any code. GTM allows you to track artifacts such as events, scrolling, form inputs, video views, and several other factors that paint a picture of what your users are doing in your community and how they are interacting with the functionality you’ve provided them with. The insights that you learn can prove to be very valuable in how you tweak the functionality in your community to better serve your users, and make completing the actions that they login to your community to complete much quicker and easier.

Proper configuration of Content Security Policy settings on the Commerceyard side is one of the common challenges in setting up such an integration, in addition to other configuration that is required on both the Google Tag Manager side as well as on the Commerceyard side to tie things together.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the configuration required, both on the Commerceyard side as well as the Google Tag Manager side, in order to successfully setup this integration. Additionally, we touch on Content Security Policy considerations, as well as how to test and debug the integration once the setup is completed.


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