2019 New Strategies

  • Buyer Persona Development Research key characteristics of your target customer and give them a name, a face and personality. Great marketing initiatives start here.
  • Messaging & Positioning Crafting and refining your brand story and how to communicate it to your target customer. This work serves as the basis for brand development. Corporate identity programs and ultimately, provides direction to content.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Planning We work with clients to develop marketing plans that get results. While most clients achieve maximum ROI from a fully integrated inbound marketing program, others just need a new website or help managing their social media channels. We work with you to create campaign and workflows that work for your business.
  • Inbound Marketing As HubSpot certified inbound marketing partners, we create effective inbound campaigns and content that generate leads and focus multiple marketing channels toward one goal.
  • SEO Good SEO is the result of solid marketing principals. Bring the right strategy, targeting, positioning, content and execution together and the keywords will fall into place. Too many people do this in reverse and the results are a shortsighted campaign that delivers short-lived results. Commerceyard integrates SEO strategy and techniques into all phases of our integrated campaigns.

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